Messrs. Dige,

Individual Enterprise founded in 1951, Proprietor Mr. Dionisio Gecchele, producer of electro-mechanical articles, in 1967 moulding plastic material was started for third parties. When a change was made to the company to make it a partnership (S.N.C.) in 1985 with the association of his son Roberto, they started the marketing of plastic articles of their own production.
At the same time they developed the neccesary technology for the construction of moulds in their own workshop. Among their new products they hold a patent for making rolls of grass mats (length 15 metres approx.), (width 0,90 metres) and an interesting box for carrying dogs and cats and a toilet for the same.


















AMOUNT INVOICED650.000,00 Euro
GENERALmoulding plastic material
ACTIVITYmaking plastic moulds
SPECIFIC ACTIVITYarticles for the home (door mats); articles for animals (portable kennels)




















Il Fondatore   Sign.Gecchele Dionisio  (primo a sinistra nella foto) durante collaudo  della  prima pompa  e motore elettrico costruiti interamente  dalla DIGE   nella prima sede